IVA (n.e-vah). an optimist and a realist… i love to laugh (and i mean, a lot!)… cant imagine a day without humming a tune (even if im not good at it!).. i love anything and everything that has to do with the arts – i enjoy watching plays (especially if it’s free — c/o my couz ryan), love to paint (painting doesnt love me back, too bad!), love to write stories… hmnn, what else? im a dreamer… and well, sometimes, a sentimental fool…

Occupation: Communications Specialist, Freelance Artist

Hobbies and Interests: life in general, music, graphic design (aint it obvious?), creative writing, visual arts, hanging out with friends, meditation, dancing like there’s no tomorrow!

Favorite Books: Going Within (current read), Memoirs of a Geisha, Bob Ong, and enough self-help stuff to keep me sane!

Favorite Movies: Children of Heaven, Homerun, Heavenly Creatures, What Dreams May Come, Big Fish, Bridges of Madison County, Chicago, Evita

Favorite Music: right now, am diggin Paris and the Pussycat Dolls (yeah, hate me!)… but mostly, i prefer r&b, light rock, smooth jazz, acoustic, the classics, songs that make people move and groove!

Do check me (and my designs) at (clients are most welcome!)


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