8 07 2007

winning in a tv-text contest.

insomniacs, here’s one way for you to get some moohlah – games uplate

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i dont know how mama discovered the show, but from time to time, she’s been sending text entries there — and last night (after i think, a week) she won 600-pesos worth of load.  hahaha. 

it was too funny…  a blooper even cause mama said “good afternoon, jamie” in the middle of the night.  hahaha.  the prize, however, is still yet to be given to mama.  ansaya talaga. funny.

how to join Games Uplate Live? Just text UP to 2366.


1 07 2007

positivism on big tv.

if you’re one of the millions of filipinos hooked on pbb, you might have had a taste of positivism at its “finest”. its winner, beatriz saw, is a living testimony that if you think positive, and believe it, nothing is impossible. 

in one of her convos with big brother, she said that even before entering the house, she believed she already is the winner…  truly, she lived her dream, she attracted the “force”, and got what she wanted.

i’d like to end this post with a one-liner from bea,  which i think summarizes what positivism can do to one’s life…  just believe, cause, as millions of filipino pbb addicts witnessed, thoughts really could become real.

 and so to everybody, let’s all be like bea…  who believed.

so what’s her line? 

“Sa buhay ko, ako ang bida”   

11 06 2007


so it was sir mon who sent me the invite…  wow, astig.  if only he remembers me for real. hihihi.  i realized it was him cause i got another invite to join the dokyu e-group.

i remember when we had this video production thing at UP, and he was one of our profs.  ang kulit. very low profile.  siguro he’d be a nice barkada…  or maybe even more (alons and i had a post-partum crush syndrome after the video prod session.. haha!).

that’s us having a shoot…  alona and i acted as mamimili and tindera (haha!) for a green “ad”. lol.

anyway, please watch dokyu: ang bagong mata ng pinoy documentaries in abc5.  astig tong show na ito, ang gagaling ng estudyanteng pinoy.  cool.

21 05 2007


we had a despedida party at the office today for our ojt, lloyd (the guy with psychos me, alons, and karen in the previous post). twas fun, we were singing and laughing our asses off..  we’re in a light mood, not really that much work to do lately — just this “green consumer” mini-poster for tita vel, and a presentation for miss elen.  hmmn, speaking of, ill be in bataan this thursday and friday for an official business with tita tina and miss elen…  hope it’s gonna be one of those “fun” lectures like the one with caleruega and this teachers’ college (my fave audience still).

im planning a new business, and am all too excited about it, as in.  ive already asked a “manufacturer” (or something like that) to print a sample of well, secret, and hopefully, id be able to market it well so i could earn more moohlah. positive thinking, yeahh. 

and yeah, speaking of the law of attraction, i think it would help if you’d be more specific.  cause right now, i got one of my wishes but it was not quite. i forgot to “request” some numbers.  but still good for me. next time, id really be specific — like i’d drop names na. hahaha.

my friend bulei just had her baby, so bulei, congratulations! i miss bulei, it’s been years since i last saw her kasi, so lei, mwaahzzzz!

x’s:  it’s Maging Sino Ka Man ‘s final week.  It’s the super duper bestestest show on tv today so better catch it. ayos ba riz? hehehe.

3 04 2007


for all green-minded people out there, you might wanna check my new site, it’s www.greenphils.com .  am still trying to find my way around, especially since it has been over two years since i got my own domain [my brip (blog resting in peace) : ashtraymix.com hehehe].

it was actually kuya nerbie who convinced me to get back to blogging and get a domain, so convincing he gave it to me, as in free hahaha. bait ni kuya nerbie (sipsip mode).  i told him i told karla of his plan to make grabeh grabeh-ier in the near future.  and hmmnn, id like to think karla (and i) got senti.  miss the guys.

it’s april and it’s peak season for every environmentalist out there. we got lots of activities lined up, enough with the bagathangin, cause now, we’re too busy with this awarding for model lgus. time to award all environmental legislation-abiding communities.

hmmnn.. what else? im done watching “the secret”…  it’s a must-see.

21 02 2007

the early bird…

got up early today, my mom’s going to gsis for her e-card renewal so we had to be early.  anyway, i happened to catch Probe (didnt know the show runs so early, probably at 4, my god, who would watch that!) and they had “the elections” featured, and, surprisingly, i happen to know one of the guys they featured.


that’s Kuya Obet, or Roberto Versola, a social scientist and a pioneer in liberal IT advocacy.  We had this chance to work together cause he had written this Air Quality Status Report that I was layouting (well, that was three years ago).  Now, based on the Probe feature, he’s formulated this “halalan something” (too bad i forgot the term) that he says would ensure a more transparent voting or electoral system this may.

Anyway, Probe also featured some young adults who are putting up an ala-voters awareness site, checked it a while ago, but it still has no content.  Guess they should have guested at Probe after they’ve finished their site, and not while they’re about to build the site.  They have noble intentions, though…  and at their age, magagaling talaga sila.  You might wanna check them at http://ivote.ph