4 07 2007

In the Spotlight.

A venue for self-expression, a release, an outlet for insanity squeezed thru inspiration and, well, most of the times, the lack thereof — exactly my thought on blogging five years ago, when i had my first blog.

Blogging’s not as popular as it is now when I had ashtraymix.   Yup, ashtraymix, my first domain.  It’s just that back then, i had this thinking that this world’s nothing but a giant ashtray — that eventually, we’ll all end up ashes.  morbid noh?

Anyway, the blogging world has changed a lot..jargons left and right, and then this — a meme. Kuya Rino tagged vixual, wanted to put this blog “in the spotlight”…  and since I have nothing to do right this moment, I thought why not be in the mix. 

Rules for this meme:

1. Create an “In the Spotlight” post — like this one.

2. Acknowledge who tagged you and link back to him/her.

3. Plagiarism is bad so don’t just copy and paste these instructions.  Create your own. Well, more like there’s a valid reason why you shouldnt copy — and you could read it here.

4. Choose questions you wanna answer from here. [That would be your blog entry.]

5.  Pay it forward by putting “in the spotlight” five (5) other bloggers.

End of the rules… 

Now for the Q&A: 

What makes your blog unique? I am my own person, and writing about my life makes this blog unique.  I have another blog though, which people might wanna visit. It’s http://greenphils.com (free ad, haha!)

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? With this blog? Not much for other people but a lot for myself.  It’s a release…  Sometimes, life could be so lonely, or so exciting, or so boring, or so inspiring that i need a release. 

What are your feelings on the “blog popularity” issue? People have different wants and needs — some keep blogs to be popular, and some just for the fun of it.  As long as a blogger writes to express and not to impress, it’s good.

What’s your favorite childhood memory? Everything about my childhood is great but I have to say playing patintero, luksong tinik, black 1-2-3, langitlupa, chinese garter, sipa, monkey-monkey (and a whole lot more) with my friends..

If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want to have with you? An spf lotion, shades, and a magic lamp (with a genie who’d give me all the things I want, haha!).

My list:

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  2. Ron’s Insomnity
  3. Ross’ Quotes
  4. Karla’s Rockersworld
  5. Kuya Dennis’ Photography

22 04 2007


yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh.. i just wanna scream!!! so damn happy our event was a success! grabeh, ang saya! as in all the hard work paid off, mygawsh.

the music festival we organized with ecap, lung center, and dimitri really went smooth.  the bands are great, even the weather was a bit cooperative.  lem’s guitar and barfly opened the concert, followed by lou bonnevie – galing niya, first time i ever heard her sing, hataw ang voice! paolo santos performed next, sayang alona was still at the poster event so she wasnt able to catch paolo perform.  he looks better in person, and could sing covers real well.



the pinikpikan came next.. and man, they are artists. you could see it in the way they move, the way they sing, the way they dress, probably even in the way they breathe.  sexy pa magsayaw ng lead singer.

well, im biased about the akafellas…  i really like them ever since i saw them perform when they opened for mariah’s concert here in the phils.  and as usual, they’re sooo galing! they got a boombox effect na rin now. cool.



brownman revival… man, this group’s my fave. i love pinoy reggae, and yeah, brownman revival is pinoy reggae. sexy lead.  sexy hips. the way he gyrates. wow.  drools. hehehe.  although i have to say this other guy from the band is sexier — and taller.  drools once more. lol.

last performer was orange and lemons, never a fan but myohmy they got the coolest voice ever.  sadako-cool, as in from somewhere six feet under-cool.  they’re nice too. im beginning to love them. lol. must be the pinoy ako vibe.



***  the best thing about this bagathangin musikahan fest is having to shake hands with US Ambassador Kristie Kennie. Wow, she’s just sooooooooooooooooo nice, as in.  It’s like she has this glow that makes you wanna admire her a gazillion times more than you do when you havent seen her in person yet. She’s just so nice. And she’s pretty, like a model.  Man, i was so star-struck with her.  i love her na talaga.   Am so happy!

23 03 2007


im soo not busy. dream on.  well, that’s basically what im wishing for right now. 

so what’s keepin my sched tight?  the fact that the International Earth Day’s coming. seriously.

we have a concert lined up (Bagathangin Musikahan2007) and the nationwide search for model barangays on waste management, not to mention a lot of intervals (read: gimmicks), and of course, my personal life.

yesterday, had the chance to meet rocker/artist ms. lou bonnevie (i think she’s Miss D’s sister) and this i have to say — she’s the hotter bonnevie. hehe.  she’s funny, down-to-earth, pretty, and really sexy.  miss elen contacted her cause of this concert nga that we would be having. was tasked to do the stage tarps, and the posters….  honestly, excited na ako. hihihi.

13 03 2007

earth jam.

there’s gonna be another round of earth jam this year, this time, it will be called Baga’t Hangin Musikahan 2007:  An Earth Day Celebration for Clean Air and Good Health where artists and environmentalists alike are to unite for Mother Earth.

This isnt the official poster yet, they’re still finalizing everything, as a matter of fact — but my boss asked me to draft two studies (and so i did).  This one and another. She picked the “colorful” one — which i actually dont like at all (I prefer black) — here’s the low res version of the design i prefer. 


am actually in a good mood right now.. am feeling the love.  im done with the logo design intended for this lawyer client, and am doing another one for this other manufacturer.  my client already got to see the first study and said she loved it — awwww — and am so relieved.  lol.

6 03 2007


cant get enough of this one senti song, love me tender, by norah jones…  ang ganda talaga! so sweet!

anyway, tomorrow, ill be out for a lecture at Letran (intramuros), upon the invitation of some senior communication students — part of the community service activities for their Development Communication Week 2007 – Kumonek Aksyon.

hmnn.. what else? ahm, the exhibit we have been preparing since last week’s already up at the DENR lobby, you might wanna check the exhibitors out (drop by DENR Visayas Avenue, QC) so you could check what alternative livelihood women from the environment sector are engaged in, and support them too, okay. 

same thing with the lecture we’d be having tomorrow… I believe it’s actually an outreach for Letran’s adopted community, Barangay 655 in Intramuros.  Appreciate it much, especially since it’s about how young people (like me, haha) are converging to help the adults find ways to better themselves. 

Youth Action. Astig.

27 02 2007

turn it up.

“You gotta know what to do if you wanna get down.” That’s Paris Hilton for all you haters out there.   

Anyway, speaking of, it’s so disappointing to hear people talking about something, and behaving otherwise.  I mean, where’s the credibility in there? Guess it would help if I’d rephrase Paris’ line and sing “You gotta know what to do or you’ll be seeing yourself down” instead.

I’m too excited for tomorrow.  Manong Bert said we would have to leave the office by 4:30 am, which means I have to be up at 3 (my REM state) !?! argghh!!!  Right now, am rushing on the layout for our Women’s Month exhibit (see screenshot here) and since I’ll be out to do some lecture thingy in Batangas tomorrow til Thurs, we decided (with my boss) to just ask Alona (my colleague) to finish off the layout — tutal minor text inserts na lang naman.  I’m positive Alona can do it cause she likes editing pictures and stuff! 


I’ll turn things up tomorrow — for the environment, for world peace (hahaha!)

“Dont be afraid to turn it up.”