4 07 2007

In the Spotlight.

A venue for self-expression, a release, an outlet for insanity squeezed thru inspiration and, well, most of the times, the lack thereof — exactly my thought on blogging five years ago, when i had my first blog.

Blogging’s not as popular as it is now when I had ashtraymix.   Yup, ashtraymix, my first domain.  It’s just that back then, i had this thinking that this world’s nothing but a giant ashtray — that eventually, we’ll all end up ashes.  morbid noh?

Anyway, the blogging world has changed a lot..jargons left and right, and then this — a meme. Kuya Rino tagged vixual, wanted to put this blog “in the spotlight”…  and since I have nothing to do right this moment, I thought why not be in the mix. 

Rules for this meme:

1. Create an “In the Spotlight” post — like this one.

2. Acknowledge who tagged you and link back to him/her.

3. Plagiarism is bad so don’t just copy and paste these instructions.  Create your own. Well, more like there’s a valid reason why you shouldnt copy — and you could read it here.

4. Choose questions you wanna answer from here. [That would be your blog entry.]

5.  Pay it forward by putting “in the spotlight” five (5) other bloggers.

End of the rules… 

Now for the Q&A: 

What makes your blog unique? I am my own person, and writing about my life makes this blog unique.  I have another blog though, which people might wanna visit. It’s http://greenphils.com (free ad, haha!)

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? With this blog? Not much for other people but a lot for myself.  It’s a release…  Sometimes, life could be so lonely, or so exciting, or so boring, or so inspiring that i need a release. 

What are your feelings on the “blog popularity” issue? People have different wants and needs — some keep blogs to be popular, and some just for the fun of it.  As long as a blogger writes to express and not to impress, it’s good.

What’s your favorite childhood memory? Everything about my childhood is great but I have to say playing patintero, luksong tinik, black 1-2-3, langitlupa, chinese garter, sipa, monkey-monkey (and a whole lot more) with my friends..

If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want to have with you? An spf lotion, shades, and a magic lamp (with a genie who’d give me all the things I want, haha!).

My list:

  1. Kuya Nerbie’s Heavenslair
  2. Ron’s Insomnity
  3. Ross’ Quotes
  4. Karla’s Rockersworld
  5. Kuya Dennis’ Photography