24 03 2007


time to get a bit sporty — had a bowling session with friends, and then a quick dinner. twas fun, yeah, enjoyed the game, even if my nails got broken, and i have this pilay sa right arm.  ouch.

anyway, alitaptap storyteller‘s gonna be holding a series of workshops on storytelling, writing, and storybook illustration. for details, here:

(Story Writing, Illustrating and Telling)

WritingMay 7-11
Kids 9am-12nn
Adults 1pm-4pm

IllustratingMay 14-18
Kids 9am-12nn
Adults 1pm-4pm

StorytellingMay 21-25
Kids 9am-12nn
Adults 1pm-4pm

Graduation May 27 8:00am-12:00nn

Fee: 2,000.00 / course
3,000.00 / 2 courses
3,500.00 / complete 3 courses

Group discount for the whole package:
3,000.00 / participant for a group of 3

Venue: Executive Lounge, The National Libraryof the Philippines, T.M. Kalaw, Manila

For inquiries and enrollment, please contact Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines:
0906-3430901 (Etel) 0920-9265549 (Cha)


21 02 2007

Going Within

Ive always been fascinated with psychology, mystics, dreams, and yes, the unknown…  some may think it’s weird but i feel there really is something more… i feel the need to explore.

ive met too many people who share my sentiments — and who are way more advanced as far as learning and experiences are concerned. 

i had this friend, joeman, and he has this thing about energy (says he can smell diseases).  he’s like a clairvoyant, reading palms and all (if my memory serves me right)…  then, there’s my good friend tina (who’s into dreams)… dhey too, she’s into chakra and has been inviting me to do yoga since 2002 (i think, basta when we were classmates in grad school)… the coolest was jim, who even read me like a book (and even sent me this hair-raising letter interpreting my dream — it’s true, gawsh!)… he read my future too, although he said i could change it if i want to, and pray daw

now, there’s red and bern…  but it’s mostly red who i share this kind of conversation with.  she’s been patient enough to answer all my qs even if i think she would take it as borderline weird.  she lent me this book, Going Within, and it’s quite a revelation.  Astig!  Now, all I think about’s how to meditate properly so I could see my Higher Self and a whole lot more…  ive been asking her how to but she says she cant say and that it’s all really up to me.

… up to me.