30 06 2007


the whole week was tight — organized this symposium on greening the schools and communities in the Philippines.  was a fruitful gathering, especially the workshop part where we had the schools and communities, even dep ed, and representatives from some private organizations committing to make better their respective locales. 

also had the chance to meet cheeanne’s counterpart — linda from south africa and pyone from burma…  see, cheeanne’s my friend who’s now in uganda, or some province in africa for an immersion, something like an exchange program for the environment.  it’s part of a project of the environment broadcast circle, and she’s the country representative.  she’s supposed to be there for ten months, to observe and learn, and i guess, help the people out there as well… i just wish she’d have a better internet connection so she could continue writing for http://greenphils.com . sent her a private message tellng her i met her counterparts.

from greening to grinning — cant help but grin as am feeling giddy again.  my nerd crush was there at the workshop,  one of the speakers actually.  one of my friends told me he’s so corny but i find him funny naman…  well, infatuation blinds. hihi.

but man, i cant figure why these other girls (like 40 years and older) went gaga over him.  hmmnn,  i thought i was the only one who’s into nerds… lol.

hihihi. Ü


22 06 2007

home sweet home.

it’s good to be back. was away for three days, spend the nights at tita vim’s cause mama had to attend this workshop at fontana.  i know im too old to be having sleep-overs at a friend’s house, but you know, anxiety thing. lol.

it was really fun having been at tita vim’s… walang ginagawa, ang saya! feeling bakasyonista.  we just spent hours and hours laughing, talking about random stuff, including of course, my stay positive mantra.  buti na lang super bait si tita vim at kinupkop ako, otherwise, kawawa naman ang cousin ko cause for sure, siya na naman ang bantay ko.  hehehe.

speaking of positivism, i was “cleaning” and i saw i had several readers digest copies with “positivism” topics in it (power of the mind)… and not only that, i had this book pala, “the power of positive thinking” by norman vincent peale (less than 100 pesos, mind you!) nakatago lang.  i started re-reading it — seriously, this time.

home sweet home, yey. Ü

14 06 2007

spot the difference.

pinoys are hooked on friendster, and since im pinoy, well…  it follows that i have an account (argumentum ad populi at its corniest, hehehe!).

and here’s my horoscope.


i just cant figure out how detailed the “In Detail” version is cause THERE’S JUST NO FREAKIN (Regine) DIFFERENCE!!!!  hahahahaha!!!

11 06 2007


so it was sir mon who sent me the invite…  wow, astig.  if only he remembers me for real. hihihi.  i realized it was him cause i got another invite to join the dokyu e-group.

i remember when we had this video production thing at UP, and he was one of our profs.  ang kulit. very low profile.  siguro he’d be a nice barkada…  or maybe even more (alons and i had a post-partum crush syndrome after the video prod session.. haha!).

that’s us having a shoot…  alona and i acted as mamimili and tindera (haha!) for a green “ad”. lol.

anyway, please watch dokyu: ang bagong mata ng pinoy documentaries in abc5.  astig tong show na ito, ang gagaling ng estudyanteng pinoy.  cool.

10 06 2007

the path.


finally finished reading the book Red gave me, it’s “The Path of the Masters” by Julian Johnson.  a very enlightening read, if i may say, especially if you’re the type of person who constantly seeks the truth, or the divine…  or if you’re interested in topics like karma and reincarnation, yoga, or inner healing…  or religion… or soul. It’s a book for the open-minded. 

but, to read is not to experience — and, right now, i feel the need to go deeper. 

10 06 2007


i received an invite to join the cinemanila e-group… it’s so flattering to be invited ha — especially for a film nobody like me. dont know who sent it though, but im guessing it’s either sir mon (of dokyu), my video production prof at UPOU… or rica (ICU Bed), my gradschool classmate at PLM…  or maybe Sir Iglesias (Babae sa Bintana, etc), my prof in college, although I doubt if he’s a member — what with his busy sched —  a consultant probably.

Made me remember the time we had our film fest at school (college) and we got almost all of the awards.  Our film title: “Anino sa Buwan”.

Anyway, got this from the cinemanila site:

Entries to the Digital Lokal Competition of 9th Cinemanila International Film Festival are now being accepted. The deadline for submission is June 24, 2007 .

The competition is open to all Filipino filmmakers with digital full-feature films (DV / HD / 24P / HDV) in Filipino, or any regional language/dialect with English subtitles. To be eligible for participation, films must be produced after January 2007 and should not have been exhibited commercially, locally or internationally or in prior local festivals. Entries must be 80 minutes (minimum) to 130 minutes (maximum) in length including credits.

The Entry Selection Committee will choose ten (10) local digital films from among the qualified entries, to participate in the Digital Lokal Competition.

The 9th Cinemanila International Film Festival, organized by the Independent Cinema Association of the Philippines (ICAP) and MovPix International will be held on August 8 to 19 in selected theaters all over Metro Manila Philippines .

Aside from parallel competitions for full-length, short and documentary films, there will also be distinct exhibitions, tributes, marathon showings, conferences and other special events. Seminars and workshops will also be held during the festival and will cover subjects and issues on independent filmmaking. Directors,
producers, critics and actors throughout Asia , Europe and North America will be invited to attend the film event.

For entry forms and further details, please visit the Cinemanila website at www.cinemanila.com.ph or email us at cinemanila@gmail.com

You can also contact the Cinemanila Secretariat

41 Begonia St. Tahanan Village
Parañaque City 1700, Metro Manila , Philippines
Telefax : +632 770 4015
Phone : +632 842 9672
Website : http://www.cinemanila.com.ph

***  Ryan, sali ka na dali!

8 06 2007

happy anniversary.

we’re celebrating our office anniversary today — and, as always,  some prizes were raffled off.  and funny cause I won P500 (minor) — to think i was itching to go home. 

but then again, quite honestly, i expected to win.  i guess its attraction.   next time, i’ll focus on getting a major prize — like, a goodlooking nice nerd over 5’7. hehe.