8 07 2007

winning in a tv-text contest.

insomniacs, here’s one way for you to get some moohlah – games uplate

gulmobile.jpg gulmobile.jpg gulmobile.jpg gulmobile.jpg gulmobile.jpg

i dont know how mama discovered the show, but from time to time, she’s been sending text entries there — and last night (after i think, a week) she won 600-pesos worth of load.  hahaha. 

it was too funny…  a blooper even cause mama said “good afternoon, jamie” in the middle of the night.  hahaha.  the prize, however, is still yet to be given to mama.  ansaya talaga. funny.

how to join Games Uplate Live? Just text UP to 2366.


14 06 2007

spot the difference.

pinoys are hooked on friendster, and since im pinoy, well…  it follows that i have an account (argumentum ad populi at its corniest, hehehe!).

and here’s my horoscope.


i just cant figure out how detailed the “In Detail” version is cause THERE’S JUST NO FREAKIN (Regine) DIFFERENCE!!!!  hahahahaha!!!

5 06 2007

i think im an alien.

What’s between heaven and hell? I need to know cause that’s where im destined to be — yeah really, cause quiztron says so.  lol.

Im soo bored now…  probably surfed all the gossip journals out there..  ive had enough of paris’ mugshots and angelina’s birthday…  and so, the next best thing to do is for me to answer all the personality quizzes the world wild web has to offer.

I took this Are You Suited for Heaven or Hell? test, and it said i’m “a new being”..  what?!?  i thought, “what the hell is a new being?”…  so here’s the definition:

Personality Test Results 

A New Being. You are nowhere near an angelic status, yet you are not quite evil. You know right from wrong, but alternate between purity and demonic in your daily life. Your fate is undeterminable.

Aww…  that’s just sad..  actually thought im an angel in disguise (innocent and sweet, ahaha).. haaay…  but on the bright side, atleast im gonna be half closer to my evil friends. im just like — a cloud away.

You could click here to know if you’re either a new being or pure evil (which you probably are) cause the time i took the fun test, nobody’s fit to go to heaven. 

5 06 2007


do you guys ever check your dashboard to see how people get to your blogs?  well, i do..  and this one made me laugh like crazy.


what?!?  people actually “search” that on google? ahahaha!  so funny!  and it was even in tagalog. pervert alert. hahaha! well, to you who got to my blog cause you thought i have a picture of a walang takip puke, well, i suggest you type that in english and i promise, it’s gonna get you to your kinda heaven.


21 05 2007


we had a despedida party at the office today for our ojt, lloyd (the guy with psychos me, alons, and karen in the previous post). twas fun, we were singing and laughing our asses off..  we’re in a light mood, not really that much work to do lately — just this “green consumer” mini-poster for tita vel, and a presentation for miss elen.  hmmn, speaking of, ill be in bataan this thursday and friday for an official business with tita tina and miss elen…  hope it’s gonna be one of those “fun” lectures like the one with caleruega and this teachers’ college (my fave audience still).

im planning a new business, and am all too excited about it, as in.  ive already asked a “manufacturer” (or something like that) to print a sample of well, secret, and hopefully, id be able to market it well so i could earn more moohlah. positive thinking, yeahh. 

and yeah, speaking of the law of attraction, i think it would help if you’d be more specific.  cause right now, i got one of my wishes but it was not quite. i forgot to “request” some numbers.  but still good for me. next time, id really be specific — like i’d drop names na. hahaha.

my friend bulei just had her baby, so bulei, congratulations! i miss bulei, it’s been years since i last saw her kasi, so lei, mwaahzzzz!

x’s:  it’s Maging Sino Ka Man ‘s final week.  It’s the super duper bestestest show on tv today so better catch it. ayos ba riz? hehehe.

12 05 2007

make-over iva ed.

there’s this cool make-over site, http://makeoversolutions.com, where you get to see yourself in different hairstyles and even make-up and accessories.  you just need to upload your photo (just one, if you’re a cheapskate like me, freebie galore)… or photos (if you wanna access everything), and then a few button clicks and you get to see a new you.  here’s mine (screencap).


i like the one at the bottom right but my friends want the one on top of it. maybe ill try it in the near future.

time for a cool change.

ps.  even guys can check out the make-over site.