6 05 2007


finally got the entreplink photo from kuya dennis.  here it is:


i look fat here kaya i like the photo. nyahahaa. (am talking nonsense again)

anyway, for photographers and digital artists, there’s this contest calledExtreme Digital Explosion 2007.  for details, check http://dennisrito.blogspot.com/2007/05/1st-extreme-digital-explosion-07.html.


22 04 2007


yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh.. i just wanna scream!!! so damn happy our event was a success! grabeh, ang saya! as in all the hard work paid off, mygawsh.

the music festival we organized with ecap, lung center, and dimitri really went smooth.  the bands are great, even the weather was a bit cooperative.  lem’s guitar and barfly opened the concert, followed by lou bonnevie – galing niya, first time i ever heard her sing, hataw ang voice! paolo santos performed next, sayang alona was still at the poster event so she wasnt able to catch paolo perform.  he looks better in person, and could sing covers real well.



the pinikpikan came next.. and man, they are artists. you could see it in the way they move, the way they sing, the way they dress, probably even in the way they breathe.  sexy pa magsayaw ng lead singer.

well, im biased about the akafellas…  i really like them ever since i saw them perform when they opened for mariah’s concert here in the phils.  and as usual, they’re sooo galing! they got a boombox effect na rin now. cool.



brownman revival… man, this group’s my fave. i love pinoy reggae, and yeah, brownman revival is pinoy reggae. sexy lead.  sexy hips. the way he gyrates. wow.  drools. hehehe.  although i have to say this other guy from the band is sexier — and taller.  drools once more. lol.

last performer was orange and lemons, never a fan but myohmy they got the coolest voice ever.  sadako-cool, as in from somewhere six feet under-cool.  they’re nice too. im beginning to love them. lol. must be the pinoy ako vibe.



***  the best thing about this bagathangin musikahan fest is having to shake hands with US Ambassador Kristie Kennie. Wow, she’s just sooooooooooooooooo nice, as in.  It’s like she has this glow that makes you wanna admire her a gazillion times more than you do when you havent seen her in person yet. She’s just so nice. And she’s pretty, like a model.  Man, i was so star-struck with her.  i love her na talaga.   Am so happy!

19 04 2007

too much…  to little… too late.

been sooo busy lately i forgot about this blog. the earth day thing is messing my calendar, but it’s all good, i guess.  well, it is.

 the musikahan we’ve been planning with LCP, ecap, and dimitri’s finally happening this sunday, thank goodness…  my designs have all been printed, cant wait to see the tarps on stage, and all over the venue.  there was supposed to be a tshirt thing, but lou had it canceled cause there’s not much time.  sayang, but it’s okay. she’s right anyway, no more time to have the shirts printed.

thought i wont be doing much on sunday since i already did my share — designed stuff and all, but i was wrong BIG TIME!  karen and i got assigned backstage, and it’s not rubbing elbows with the brownman revival (sayang no. 2) although i wish for luck to be on our side (and make it happen!!!!).

aside from the concert, the malacanang event was moved from the 30th to the 23rd. gawssssh, talk about cramming and probably getting menstrual cramps. lol.  good thing we’re done with the messages and the speeches. just one news release to go, and a script to revise.  all due tomorrow.

yeaah.  adrenalin overload.

1 04 2007


spent my saturday at the laboratory (where my mom works), and then we went on to play table tennis…  it was soo freakin hot.  anyway, it was the night of the philippine blog awards and my friend karla was there to cover the event.

then today, sunday, went out to attend an Entreplink-Philippines meet-up.  Met a lot of players in the biz industry, and hopefully, will be able to work with them sometime in the near future. Twas not a serious biz meeting though, more like a getting-to-know thing, which benefited us newbies the most.  we just had coffee at the coffee bean, and then snacks at taco bell.

ps. need to find shiir. lol.

23 03 2007


im soo not busy. dream on.  well, that’s basically what im wishing for right now. 

so what’s keepin my sched tight?  the fact that the International Earth Day’s coming. seriously.

we have a concert lined up (Bagathangin Musikahan2007) and the nationwide search for model barangays on waste management, not to mention a lot of intervals (read: gimmicks), and of course, my personal life.

yesterday, had the chance to meet rocker/artist ms. lou bonnevie (i think she’s Miss D’s sister) and this i have to say — she’s the hotter bonnevie. hehe.  she’s funny, down-to-earth, pretty, and really sexy.  miss elen contacted her cause of this concert nga that we would be having. was tasked to do the stage tarps, and the posters….  honestly, excited na ako. hihihi.

18 03 2007

relax. just do it.

it was the Secretary’s birthday last friday, and my boss asked me to come up with a personalized card for him, and the goody person that i am, i obliged (more like i had no choice! haha) good thing they liked it, even if i did it for like less than an hour. lol.

lots of things to do at the office.  good thing i escaped having to lecture at the dept. of agrarian reform — although i wish i could get my hands off the speeches i have to write as well.  too busy talaga.

anyway, last night, i went out with red, ayin, and mamita – again at marikina (it’s becoming a second home to me haha!), had dinner, spent the night listening to some local bands. just chillin. went home eary, as always, just past eleven.

my oh so good friend tina’s back from her work from around the world (miss world, lol) and hopefully we could meet sunday next week.  cant meet up on saturday, as i have already promised to be in this bowling session with the entreps.

super busy kaya sarap mag-relax.

8 03 2007

magnum opus.

and that’s 300 — a film almost as visually appealing as a painting.  i dont really like guy flicks but this one’s an exemption. 


grabeh, it makes other action films look as cheesy as all of drew barrymore’s chic films combined.  it’s like looking at a hundred and one options to kill people — kick your enemies so they’d fall from cliffs, slash them dead with sharp swords, or behead them, or make a mountain out of dead people so when the enemies attack, you just have to push them all, and bury the enemies alive. it’s the best action film ive seen — ever. astig.



Anyway, here’s a synopisis: In the ancient Battle of Thermopylae, King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy. (http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809262865/info)

astig talaga.