30 03 2007

the positive vibe.

things are really going smooth right now…  and hmmnn.. i’d attribute it to something “secret”. *wink*

coolness! the banners and tarp for the musikahan2007 contest have already been printed. ang ganda! hehehe. so, that’s one job off my list.. 

then, my friend and i had a meeting with Mr. Sim, discussed some freelancing needs for this business magazine.  again, another off my list.  need to send him a quote pa pala.

then, i got an offer from a friend, kuya nerbie, id get a free domain (with free hosting), and then he’d set up everything, including some ads — where i could earn pa. yippie!

and ive been getting more inquiries for my design services! yey! am so blessed and lucky!

cool diba?


26 03 2007


was trying to meditate last night, concentrating from my base upward when i felt this heat pressing on my body, then, up my head… felt it so bad i “woke” — then the weirdest thing happened, the “electricity” oscillated.  fan turned off, and then on.  creepy.

i asked my friend joeman if it’s possible, and he said nothing is impossible.   i told him it was such a frightful experience, and he said fear only comes from the unknown.  i said, “but im afraid”, and he said “then you are not ready”.  he said…

… “When the student is ready, the Master will appear.”

makes sense to me.

24 03 2007


time to get a bit sporty — had a bowling session with friends, and then a quick dinner. twas fun, yeah, enjoyed the game, even if my nails got broken, and i have this pilay sa right arm.  ouch.

anyway, alitaptap storyteller‘s gonna be holding a series of workshops on storytelling, writing, and storybook illustration. for details, here:

(Story Writing, Illustrating and Telling)

WritingMay 7-11
Kids 9am-12nn
Adults 1pm-4pm

IllustratingMay 14-18
Kids 9am-12nn
Adults 1pm-4pm

StorytellingMay 21-25
Kids 9am-12nn
Adults 1pm-4pm

Graduation May 27 8:00am-12:00nn

Fee: 2,000.00 / course
3,000.00 / 2 courses
3,500.00 / complete 3 courses

Group discount for the whole package:
3,000.00 / participant for a group of 3

Venue: Executive Lounge, The National Libraryof the Philippines, T.M. Kalaw, Manila

For inquiries and enrollment, please contact Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines:
0906-3430901 (Etel) 0920-9265549 (Cha)

23 03 2007


im soo not busy. dream on.  well, that’s basically what im wishing for right now. 

so what’s keepin my sched tight?  the fact that the International Earth Day’s coming. seriously.

we have a concert lined up (Bagathangin Musikahan2007) and the nationwide search for model barangays on waste management, not to mention a lot of intervals (read: gimmicks), and of course, my personal life.

yesterday, had the chance to meet rocker/artist ms. lou bonnevie (i think she’s Miss D’s sister) and this i have to say — she’s the hotter bonnevie. hehe.  she’s funny, down-to-earth, pretty, and really sexy.  miss elen contacted her cause of this concert nga that we would be having. was tasked to do the stage tarps, and the posters….  honestly, excited na ako. hihihi.

19 03 2007

cleanliness is next to loveliness (haha!).

kitchen’s back to its super clean state — thanks to Mr. Muscle, and my reliable mop.  past three yesterday, decided to do good and wipe the dirt off our kitchen, threw stuff that we havent used since we got here. 

guess i was too tired, decided not to report to work. instead, am here, lounging — or shall i say blogging here and at the same time, managingmy other site: http://thinkgreen.wordpress.com .

Much appreciation if you’d drop there too. *hugs*

18 03 2007

relax. just do it.

it was the Secretary’s birthday last friday, and my boss asked me to come up with a personalized card for him, and the goody person that i am, i obliged (more like i had no choice! haha) good thing they liked it, even if i did it for like less than an hour. lol.

lots of things to do at the office.  good thing i escaped having to lecture at the dept. of agrarian reform — although i wish i could get my hands off the speeches i have to write as well.  too busy talaga.

anyway, last night, i went out with red, ayin, and mamita – again at marikina (it’s becoming a second home to me haha!), had dinner, spent the night listening to some local bands. just chillin. went home eary, as always, just past eleven.

my oh so good friend tina’s back from her work from around the world (miss world, lol) and hopefully we could meet sunday next week.  cant meet up on saturday, as i have already promised to be in this bowling session with the entreps.

super busy kaya sarap mag-relax.

13 03 2007

earth jam.

there’s gonna be another round of earth jam this year, this time, it will be called Baga’t Hangin Musikahan 2007:  An Earth Day Celebration for Clean Air and Good Health where artists and environmentalists alike are to unite for Mother Earth.

This isnt the official poster yet, they’re still finalizing everything, as a matter of fact — but my boss asked me to draft two studies (and so i did).  This one and another. She picked the “colorful” one — which i actually dont like at all (I prefer black) — here’s the low res version of the design i prefer. 


am actually in a good mood right now.. am feeling the love.  im done with the logo design intended for this lawyer client, and am doing another one for this other manufacturer.  my client already got to see the first study and said she loved it — awwww — and am so relieved.  lol.