21 07 2007

green army.

last week, was  a guest lecturer, talked about environmental protection, for military officers in quezon city.  it was my first to speak in front of hmmnn.. ‘men in uniform’, twas an enjoyable first.

the boys were both serious and fun, totally opposite of how military guys are portrayed on tv.  id say they really listened, looked really interested (asked a lot of questions) — well, probably caused they knew i handed over a set of questionnaire to their Head, for some sort of a 50-item objective exam (the lecture’s part of their schooling program).  lol.


3 04 2007


for all green-minded people out there, you might wanna check my new site, it’s www.greenphils.com .  am still trying to find my way around, especially since it has been over two years since i got my own domain [my brip (blog resting in peace) : ashtraymix.com hehehe].

it was actually kuya nerbie who convinced me to get back to blogging and get a domain, so convincing he gave it to me, as in free hahaha. bait ni kuya nerbie (sipsip mode).  i told him i told karla of his plan to make grabeh grabeh-ier in the near future.  and hmmnn, id like to think karla (and i) got senti.  miss the guys.

it’s april and it’s peak season for every environmentalist out there. we got lots of activities lined up, enough with the bagathangin, cause now, we’re too busy with this awarding for model lgus. time to award all environmental legislation-abiding communities.

hmmnn.. what else? im done watching “the secret”…  it’s a must-see.

13 03 2007

earth jam.

there’s gonna be another round of earth jam this year, this time, it will be called Baga’t Hangin Musikahan 2007:  An Earth Day Celebration for Clean Air and Good Health where artists and environmentalists alike are to unite for Mother Earth.

This isnt the official poster yet, they’re still finalizing everything, as a matter of fact — but my boss asked me to draft two studies (and so i did).  This one and another. She picked the “colorful” one — which i actually dont like at all (I prefer black) — here’s the low res version of the design i prefer. 


am actually in a good mood right now.. am feeling the love.  im done with the logo design intended for this lawyer client, and am doing another one for this other manufacturer.  my client already got to see the first study and said she loved it — awwww — and am so relieved.  lol.

7 03 2007


just got back from my talk at letran — and i must say, maganda pala ang letran.  lots of good looking students, fashionista, if i may say.  anyway, some of these students took the initiative to do some outreach IEC project for the women of their adopted community. 

topic’s “pera sa basura” (money in garbage), more like strategies on recycling and segregation so the “ladies” would be able to generate money.  i felt that they were really interested and i hope they’d really commit to what they’ve “promised” kanina.

and, am hoping that they’d be able to form an association, and be like the women of K.I.L.U.S. Foundation (who recycles doy packs into bags, slippers, accessories) — and well, earn moohlah — or, at the very least, earn on their own na lang (since i figured they didnt want to form a group despite prodding from the letran kids)… but atleast, they intend to recycle.

omg, im being my green-minded self again.

6 03 2007


cant get enough of this one senti song, love me tender, by norah jones…  ang ganda talaga! so sweet!

anyway, tomorrow, ill be out for a lecture at Letran (intramuros), upon the invitation of some senior communication students — part of the community service activities for their Development Communication Week 2007 – Kumonek Aksyon.

hmnn.. what else? ahm, the exhibit we have been preparing since last week’s already up at the DENR lobby, you might wanna check the exhibitors out (drop by DENR Visayas Avenue, QC) so you could check what alternative livelihood women from the environment sector are engaged in, and support them too, okay. 

same thing with the lecture we’d be having tomorrow… I believe it’s actually an outreach for Letran’s adopted community, Barangay 655 in Intramuros.  Appreciate it much, especially since it’s about how young people (like me, haha) are converging to help the adults find ways to better themselves. 

Youth Action. Astig.

5 03 2007

vote chiz for senator

this one’s lifted from his website.


“Francis Joseph Guevarra Escudero or Chiz was raised by parents who were both educators. His father, Salvador H. Escudero III, served as Department of Agriculture secretary during the Marcos and Ramos administrations.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in political science and in law at the University of the Philippines. He later went to Georgetown University Law Center in Washington for his master’s degree in international and comparative law.

He served his first term in the 11th Congress in 1998 and Assistant Majority Floor Leader and Senior Deputy Majority Leader in the 12th Congress in 2001 and in the present 13th Congress as House Minority Floor Leader.

Cool and confident, quick with his words, and unwavering in his commitments and conviction, Chiz at 37, is in his prime. If his political mentors rewarded him with a smile and a pat on the back for what he accomplished as a boy of 28, they now regard him with respect and value his professional advice.”

For more information about chiz in congress: http://www.chizescudero.com/chiz/chizCongress.php

To learn more about what he intends to do for this country, click this:

awwww… he’s all that. 

21 02 2007

the early bird…

got up early today, my mom’s going to gsis for her e-card renewal so we had to be early.  anyway, i happened to catch Probe (didnt know the show runs so early, probably at 4, my god, who would watch that!) and they had “the elections” featured, and, surprisingly, i happen to know one of the guys they featured.


that’s Kuya Obet, or Roberto Versola, a social scientist and a pioneer in liberal IT advocacy.  We had this chance to work together cause he had written this Air Quality Status Report that I was layouting (well, that was three years ago).  Now, based on the Probe feature, he’s formulated this “halalan something” (too bad i forgot the term) that he says would ensure a more transparent voting or electoral system this may.

Anyway, Probe also featured some young adults who are putting up an ala-voters awareness site, checked it a while ago, but it still has no content.  Guess they should have guested at Probe after they’ve finished their site, and not while they’re about to build the site.  They have noble intentions, though…  and at their age, magagaling talaga sila.  You might wanna check them at http://ivote.ph