27 02 2007

turn it up.

“You gotta know what to do if you wanna get down.” That’s Paris Hilton for all you haters out there.   

Anyway, speaking of, it’s so disappointing to hear people talking about something, and behaving otherwise.  I mean, where’s the credibility in there? Guess it would help if I’d rephrase Paris’ line and sing “You gotta know what to do or you’ll be seeing yourself down” instead.

I’m too excited for tomorrow.  Manong Bert said we would have to leave the office by 4:30 am, which means I have to be up at 3 (my REM state) !?! argghh!!!  Right now, am rushing on the layout for our Women’s Month exhibit (see screenshot here) and since I’ll be out to do some lecture thingy in Batangas tomorrow til Thurs, we decided (with my boss) to just ask Alona (my colleague) to finish off the layout — tutal minor text inserts na lang naman.  I’m positive Alona can do it cause she likes editing pictures and stuff! 


I’ll turn things up tomorrow — for the environment, for world peace (hahaha!)

“Dont be afraid to turn it up.”


22 02 2007

No fear.

What is it that I fear the most — insects, heights, loneliness, death?

Just finished reading Live Beyond Fear, by Ralph Marston, from The Daily Motivator.  It’s so worth-reading i want a copy of it…  so here…

“There is real treasure at the center of your being.  Yet fear can keep that treasure hidden and inaccessible.

Fear of failure can keep you from taking the steps necessary to succeed. Fear of being wrong can prevent you from making the choices that are truly right for you.

Fear of loss leaves you unable to win. Fear gives power and influence to whatever it is you fear.

Yet fear can exist only when you view life through the narrow window of your ego. Get beyond that ego, and fear no longer has any place to inhabit.

When you view the rest of life as being separate and disconnected from you, that provides fertile ground for destructive fear. The more fully you realize and the more deeply you understand your connection to all that is, the more quickly the fears will vanish.

Stop listening to your ego and you’ll stop being a prisoner of fear. Think and act and feel beyond yourself and you’ll live well beyond the fear.”

I’m so afraid to fail — dont wanna cause any disappointment to anybody.  But am learning to be forgiving to myself.  Stress has taken its toll on my body and I dont want another round of it.  Not ever.

21 02 2007

the early bird…

got up early today, my mom’s going to gsis for her e-card renewal so we had to be early.  anyway, i happened to catch Probe (didnt know the show runs so early, probably at 4, my god, who would watch that!) and they had “the elections” featured, and, surprisingly, i happen to know one of the guys they featured.


that’s Kuya Obet, or Roberto Versola, a social scientist and a pioneer in liberal IT advocacy.  We had this chance to work together cause he had written this Air Quality Status Report that I was layouting (well, that was three years ago).  Now, based on the Probe feature, he’s formulated this “halalan something” (too bad i forgot the term) that he says would ensure a more transparent voting or electoral system this may.

Anyway, Probe also featured some young adults who are putting up an ala-voters awareness site, checked it a while ago, but it still has no content.  Guess they should have guested at Probe after they’ve finished their site, and not while they’re about to build the site.  They have noble intentions, though…  and at their age, magagaling talaga sila.  You might wanna check them at http://ivote.ph

21 02 2007

Trip to Caleruega


I’m off to Caleruega this end of February — it’s something official, so it’s not really to meditate or have fun.  I’ll be going there with a few colleagues from UNDP and the Commission-Secretariat, for a lecture-workshop series we’ll be conducting for highschool students on environmental concerns.

Toyota’s sponsoring, part of their CSR program, quite commendable actually — and, it feels real good knowing that there is a growing number of big-time corporations engaging in environmental awareness — our main thrust.

Im happy cause Im done preparing my presentation, and am hoping that the kids would love it, and have fun (as they learn) while listening to whatever I have to say.  

Truly expecting to have a great, first time in Caleruega.

21 02 2007

Going Within

Ive always been fascinated with psychology, mystics, dreams, and yes, the unknown…  some may think it’s weird but i feel there really is something more… i feel the need to explore.

ive met too many people who share my sentiments — and who are way more advanced as far as learning and experiences are concerned. 

i had this friend, joeman, and he has this thing about energy (says he can smell diseases).  he’s like a clairvoyant, reading palms and all (if my memory serves me right)…  then, there’s my good friend tina (who’s into dreams)… dhey too, she’s into chakra and has been inviting me to do yoga since 2002 (i think, basta when we were classmates in grad school)… the coolest was jim, who even read me like a book (and even sent me this hair-raising letter interpreting my dream — it’s true, gawsh!)… he read my future too, although he said i could change it if i want to, and pray daw

now, there’s red and bern…  but it’s mostly red who i share this kind of conversation with.  she’s been patient enough to answer all my qs even if i think she would take it as borderline weird.  she lent me this book, Going Within, and it’s quite a revelation.  Astig!  Now, all I think about’s how to meditate properly so I could see my Higher Self and a whole lot more…  ive been asking her how to but she says she cant say and that it’s all really up to me.

… up to me.

21 02 2007

Found My Diary Underneath the Tree…

I’ve had some fun experiences these couple of months, with my new friends…  We went to do some outreach at the Golden Acres — that’s a post christmas celebration, then, we had this picnic at the Riverbanks in Marikina.  The picnic’s a first for me, as I havent been in a picnic ever (excluding, of course, our Luneta days when I was still with Museo Pambata).

Here are some pics…


that’s me (in blue) with the rest of my new friends…  with us is probably the most famous lola at the center… We were super saya that we had this outreach, hopefully, there’ll be another one later this year (i wish).


this one’s our picnic at the Riverbank (and we’re done with the eating part!). 

Can’t wait for the repeat on March 3…  hope it would be just as fun.

21 02 2007

Poster Making Contest 

If there’s one thing I learned out of my stay at the office, that’s graphic designing…  Thanks to kuya boyet who was patient enough to teach me the basics — now, I can do whatever I want — posters, logos, books, what have you’s. 

It’s hard, especially since I had to juggle work with sidejobs (ahaha), and doubly hard cause of some pc trouble at home.  But thanks to some people, I’m still able to get clients every so often, perfect answer to my stay positive mantra.

Anyway, for all ye artists out there…  there’s an on-going poster making (and essay writing) contest, in celebration of 2007 as the International Year for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.  Here’s what the announcement says:

Best 20th Anniversary-Related Poster Contest

Five $500 prizes will be given to individuals who will submit what are judged to be the five best 20th Anniversary-related poster designs.  At least one entry from each of the five United Nations five recognized regions will be honored.

Nominations for the Best 20th Anniversary Related Poster conter are due to the Ozone Secretariat by 01 June 2007.  Contestants should initially submit their poster layout to OzoneInfo@unep.org.  Submissions should be in either JPEG or TIF format.  Assistance with FTP upload facility will be provided to those that will requireit upon request. 

For more information, just visit http://www.emb.gov.ph/philozone/template/2007%20international%20year.htm.