21 07 2007

green army.

last week, was  a guest lecturer, talked about environmental protection, for military officers in quezon city.  it was my first to speak in front of hmmnn.. ‘men in uniform’, twas an enjoyable first.

the boys were both serious and fun, totally opposite of how military guys are portrayed on tv.  id say they really listened, looked really interested (asked a lot of questions) — well, probably caused they knew i handed over a set of questionnaire to their Head, for some sort of a 50-item objective exam (the lecture’s part of their schooling program).  lol.


15 07 2007

maging malayo ka man.

it’s the christening of my new inaanak, baby dash, today… 

my friend riz and i went all the way to calauan, laguna to attend the ceremony, and of course, to eat-and-run. lol. it’s been years since i last saw my new kumare and kumpare,  so it’s a no-brainer we’d be there.

it was crazy!  pareng (naks) mon’s grown to be an even funnier guy than when we first met him.  parang adik nung mismong binyag. and so everybody had a blast.  that’s the kind of celeb i want.  as in everybody happy.

we decided to take the bus going there (riz didnt know the way + save save save gas!!!), but good thing this one visitor was gracious enough to take us back to manila.  hehehe.  ambait.

welcome to the christian world, dash!  pakabait ka gaya ng mga magulang mo. hahaha.

13 07 2007


was in bataan the whole day thursday for an environmental workshop.  we were invited to conduct a lecture for the people in limay, and so we went there, in full gear, and did our thing. 

i believe the workshop had been really productive, especially with the outputs (commitment and learnings) given by the people of limay.  they said they would start doing campaigns on proper waste management, and air and water management, for their children.

ansayasaya. 🙂

8 07 2007

winning in a tv-text contest.

insomniacs, here’s one way for you to get some moohlah – games uplate

gulmobile.jpg gulmobile.jpg gulmobile.jpg gulmobile.jpg gulmobile.jpg

i dont know how mama discovered the show, but from time to time, she’s been sending text entries there — and last night (after i think, a week) she won 600-pesos worth of load.  hahaha. 

it was too funny…  a blooper even cause mama said “good afternoon, jamie” in the middle of the night.  hahaha.  the prize, however, is still yet to be given to mama.  ansaya talaga. funny.

how to join Games Uplate Live? Just text UP to 2366.

7 07 2007

ms. personality.

i took this personality slash survey test from bbc, and it says im a “leader”.

Here’s a link to the test: 

http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/surveys/whatamilike .

My Results:

Your answers suggest you are a Leader.

The four aspects that make up this personality type are:


Summary of Leaders

– Natural managers who strive for efficiency
– See the big picture and make strategic plans for the future
– Think of themselves as bright, independent and logical
– May overlook other people’s need for emotional support

More about Leaders

Leaders are strategic thinkers, planning ahead and anticipating difficulties. They quickly spot inefficiency and organise people to make improvements. Leaders like solving problems at the organisational level, but would rather leave the detailed work to others.

“Leaders are most likely to say they enjoy their job, according to a UK survey. “

Leaders enjoy discussing complex issues and will challenge people’s views to spark a debate. They admire people who defend their beliefs by arguing persuasively.

In situations where they can’t use their talents or are unappreciated, Leaders may become detached, critical or aggressive. Under extreme stress, Leaders may feel isolated and doubt their abilities.

Leaders are often so ambitious in their careers that they sacrifice their personal life in the process.

Leader Careers

Leaders are often drawn to jobs in management where logical analysis and strategic planning are required.

It’s important to remember that no survey can predict personality type with 100 percent accuracy. Experts say that we should use personality type to better understand ourselves and others, but shouldn’t feel restricted by our results.

4 07 2007

In the Spotlight.

A venue for self-expression, a release, an outlet for insanity squeezed thru inspiration and, well, most of the times, the lack thereof — exactly my thought on blogging five years ago, when i had my first blog.

Blogging’s not as popular as it is now when I had ashtraymix.   Yup, ashtraymix, my first domain.  It’s just that back then, i had this thinking that this world’s nothing but a giant ashtray — that eventually, we’ll all end up ashes.  morbid noh?

Anyway, the blogging world has changed a lot..jargons left and right, and then this — a meme. Kuya Rino tagged vixual, wanted to put this blog “in the spotlight”…  and since I have nothing to do right this moment, I thought why not be in the mix. 

Rules for this meme:

1. Create an “In the Spotlight” post — like this one.

2. Acknowledge who tagged you and link back to him/her.

3. Plagiarism is bad so don’t just copy and paste these instructions.  Create your own. Well, more like there’s a valid reason why you shouldnt copy — and you could read it here.

4. Choose questions you wanna answer from here. [That would be your blog entry.]

5.  Pay it forward by putting “in the spotlight” five (5) other bloggers.

End of the rules… 

Now for the Q&A: 

What makes your blog unique? I am my own person, and writing about my life makes this blog unique.  I have another blog though, which people might wanna visit. It’s http://greenphils.com (free ad, haha!)

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? With this blog? Not much for other people but a lot for myself.  It’s a release…  Sometimes, life could be so lonely, or so exciting, or so boring, or so inspiring that i need a release. 

What are your feelings on the “blog popularity” issue? People have different wants and needs — some keep blogs to be popular, and some just for the fun of it.  As long as a blogger writes to express and not to impress, it’s good.

What’s your favorite childhood memory? Everything about my childhood is great but I have to say playing patintero, luksong tinik, black 1-2-3, langitlupa, chinese garter, sipa, monkey-monkey (and a whole lot more) with my friends..

If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want to have with you? An spf lotion, shades, and a magic lamp (with a genie who’d give me all the things I want, haha!).

My list:

  1. Kuya Nerbie’s Heavenslair
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  5. Kuya Dennis’ Photography

2 07 2007


one of my girlfriends has become a mommy, and last week, she told me she wants me to be one of the ninangs (along with our other friend, riz…  and i guess chikiong, too).  my inaanak list is growing so fast i hope my friends would all use protection or just stop doing the deed. haha.


** that’s me with riz and bulei. baguio, sometime in 2000.

but seriously, it’s nice seeing my friends “grow”…  it’s like reality check — that im in a fast-phased world and things (or situations) are moving real quick.  we used to be a carefree, funloving, crazy bunch of fools pero now, we’ve sorta graduated and have become responsible young adults…  some now with families, some with great careers, some with both… 

time flies talaga when you’re enjoying life…  hopefully, mine would get even better once i start having a family of my own. 

aww. is this me talkin? omg.