4 07 2007

In the Spotlight.

A venue for self-expression, a release, an outlet for insanity squeezed thru inspiration and, well, most of the times, the lack thereof — exactly my thought on blogging five years ago, when i had my first blog.

Blogging’s not as popular as it is now when I had ashtraymix.   Yup, ashtraymix, my first domain.  It’s just that back then, i had this thinking that this world’s nothing but a giant ashtray — that eventually, we’ll all end up ashes.  morbid noh?

Anyway, the blogging world has changed a lot..jargons left and right, and then this — a meme. Kuya Rino tagged vixual, wanted to put this blog “in the spotlight”…  and since I have nothing to do right this moment, I thought why not be in the mix. 

Rules for this meme:

1. Create an “In the Spotlight” post — like this one.

2. Acknowledge who tagged you and link back to him/her.

3. Plagiarism is bad so don’t just copy and paste these instructions.  Create your own. Well, more like there’s a valid reason why you shouldnt copy — and you could read it here.

4. Choose questions you wanna answer from here. [That would be your blog entry.]

5.  Pay it forward by putting “in the spotlight” five (5) other bloggers.

End of the rules… 

Now for the Q&A: 

What makes your blog unique? I am my own person, and writing about my life makes this blog unique.  I have another blog though, which people might wanna visit. It’s http://greenphils.com (free ad, haha!)

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? With this blog? Not much for other people but a lot for myself.  It’s a release…  Sometimes, life could be so lonely, or so exciting, or so boring, or so inspiring that i need a release. 

What are your feelings on the “blog popularity” issue? People have different wants and needs — some keep blogs to be popular, and some just for the fun of it.  As long as a blogger writes to express and not to impress, it’s good.

What’s your favorite childhood memory? Everything about my childhood is great but I have to say playing patintero, luksong tinik, black 1-2-3, langitlupa, chinese garter, sipa, monkey-monkey (and a whole lot more) with my friends..

If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want to have with you? An spf lotion, shades, and a magic lamp (with a genie who’d give me all the things I want, haha!).

My list:

  1. Kuya Nerbie’s Heavenslair
  2. Ron’s Insomnity
  3. Ross’ Quotes
  4. Karla’s Rockersworld
  5. Kuya Dennis’ Photography

2 07 2007


one of my girlfriends has become a mommy, and last week, she told me she wants me to be one of the ninangs (along with our other friend, riz…  and i guess chikiong, too).  my inaanak list is growing so fast i hope my friends would all use protection or just stop doing the deed. haha.


** that’s me with riz and bulei. baguio, sometime in 2000.

but seriously, it’s nice seeing my friends “grow”…  it’s like reality check — that im in a fast-phased world and things (or situations) are moving real quick.  we used to be a carefree, funloving, crazy bunch of fools pero now, we’ve sorta graduated and have become responsible young adults…  some now with families, some with great careers, some with both… 

time flies talaga when you’re enjoying life…  hopefully, mine would get even better once i start having a family of my own. 

aww. is this me talkin? omg.

1 07 2007

positivism on big tv.

if you’re one of the millions of filipinos hooked on pbb, you might have had a taste of positivism at its “finest”. its winner, beatriz saw, is a living testimony that if you think positive, and believe it, nothing is impossible. 

in one of her convos with big brother, she said that even before entering the house, she believed she already is the winner…  truly, she lived her dream, she attracted the “force”, and got what she wanted.

i’d like to end this post with a one-liner from bea,  which i think summarizes what positivism can do to one’s life…  just believe, cause, as millions of filipino pbb addicts witnessed, thoughts really could become real.

 and so to everybody, let’s all be like bea…  who believed.

so what’s her line? 

“Sa buhay ko, ako ang bida”   

30 06 2007


the whole week was tight — organized this symposium on greening the schools and communities in the Philippines.  was a fruitful gathering, especially the workshop part where we had the schools and communities, even dep ed, and representatives from some private organizations committing to make better their respective locales. 

also had the chance to meet cheeanne’s counterpart — linda from south africa and pyone from burma…  see, cheeanne’s my friend who’s now in uganda, or some province in africa for an immersion, something like an exchange program for the environment.  it’s part of a project of the environment broadcast circle, and she’s the country representative.  she’s supposed to be there for ten months, to observe and learn, and i guess, help the people out there as well… i just wish she’d have a better internet connection so she could continue writing for http://greenphils.com . sent her a private message tellng her i met her counterparts.

from greening to grinning — cant help but grin as am feeling giddy again.  my nerd crush was there at the workshop,  one of the speakers actually.  one of my friends told me he’s so corny but i find him funny naman…  well, infatuation blinds. hihi.

but man, i cant figure why these other girls (like 40 years and older) went gaga over him.  hmmnn,  i thought i was the only one who’s into nerds… lol.

hihihi. Ü

22 06 2007

home sweet home.

it’s good to be back. was away for three days, spend the nights at tita vim’s cause mama had to attend this workshop at fontana.  i know im too old to be having sleep-overs at a friend’s house, but you know, anxiety thing. lol.

it was really fun having been at tita vim’s… walang ginagawa, ang saya! feeling bakasyonista.  we just spent hours and hours laughing, talking about random stuff, including of course, my stay positive mantra.  buti na lang super bait si tita vim at kinupkop ako, otherwise, kawawa naman ang cousin ko cause for sure, siya na naman ang bantay ko.  hehehe.

speaking of positivism, i was “cleaning” and i saw i had several readers digest copies with “positivism” topics in it (power of the mind)… and not only that, i had this book pala, “the power of positive thinking” by norman vincent peale (less than 100 pesos, mind you!) nakatago lang.  i started re-reading it — seriously, this time.

home sweet home, yey. Ü

14 06 2007

spot the difference.

pinoys are hooked on friendster, and since im pinoy, well…  it follows that i have an account (argumentum ad populi at its corniest, hehehe!).

and here’s my horoscope.


i just cant figure out how detailed the “In Detail” version is cause THERE’S JUST NO FREAKIN (Regine) DIFFERENCE!!!!  hahahahaha!!!

11 06 2007


so it was sir mon who sent me the invite…  wow, astig.  if only he remembers me for real. hihihi.  i realized it was him cause i got another invite to join the dokyu e-group.

i remember when we had this video production thing at UP, and he was one of our profs.  ang kulit. very low profile.  siguro he’d be a nice barkada…  or maybe even more (alons and i had a post-partum crush syndrome after the video prod session.. haha!).

that’s us having a shoot…  alona and i acted as mamimili and tindera (haha!) for a green “ad”. lol.

anyway, please watch dokyu: ang bagong mata ng pinoy documentaries in abc5.  astig tong show na ito, ang gagaling ng estudyanteng pinoy.  cool.