23 10 2007


i received great news early today, that a friend of mine, miong, won in the philippine bidchallenge 2007… and so, we just spent the day chit-chatting bout what had happened during the awarding, and man, he really sounded so hyper.  he’s on a high… ay, it’s just nice to know that hard work really does pay off…  especially for a young entrepreneur like him.  i hope and pray that this thing paves way for grander things for the guy, so he’d be a real inspiration to the people he employs. by the way, give him some love and buy some Kingsgrill. lol, commercial. haha.

dont know what it is, maybe the economy, but a lot of my friends are becoming business-minded…  a girl friend of mine, dhey, sent me a message askin me if i wanna share a booth with her for this one bazaar.  begged off as i got nothing to sell right now. told her i’d give her a ring once the bazaar thing we’re planning at the office pushes through this December.

 then my other friend, riz, wanted to do business too…  despite the fact that she’s earning a lot as a scriptwriter for a major tv station.  i suggested we go and try to be a mini-pr group, since we’re communication majors, but i think she wants us to try our luck as publishers instead. well, why not.  one of these days, im gonna try and do some research to make sure we’d do good. now, this gets me to realize that miong’s right, that i ough tto be thinking of starting a business while im young.

… which means i have to be serious when thinking business.  i do have some sidejobs — designing posters, logos, blah blah (blacksheep? lol) but i believe i could do more.

side note: we had a birthday celebration yesterday at the office, and it was fun.  tito tony (who celebrates his birthday today) prepared super sarap food… ansaya-saya! 🙂




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